Identity Theft

While you can read here bit about the principle person’s experience, we will not be very specific with details as we have always been concerned about published data and, in particular, identity theft. Therefore, specific dates and places will not be provided on the website, though we will happily expand if we talk.


The first half of working life was in construction, generally as either a self-employed sole trader or partner in a five partner partnership.

Next, as a ”mature” student, time was taken out to attend a couple of universities gaining the following degrees:

  • London School of Economics : M.Sc., Analysis Design and Management of Information Systems

  • Anglia Ruskin University : B.Sc., Computer Science

Since university work has either been as a Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, or Business Systems Analyst in a wide range of companies.

Work for the first 5 years was with a big utility company and a big insurance company, the following years as a self-employed Business Analyst working as a contractor in a wide variety of roles, again, working for big institutions.

Roles in these institutions have been very varied, from being responsible for components of massive development projects, to total responsibility and sole input into a number of small projects for small business units.

Involvement in the majority of projects has been from soon after conception; identifying, understanding and specifying the requirements; designing and specifying the build; through to testing and implementing the solution.

The last few years the primary concerns have been for small and medium businesses, performing all of the services offered on the Services Page.