Drawing on training and experience, we can assess your Business Processes and Business Systems for robustness and efficiency.


Frequently businesses leave themselves vulnerable. Typical issues identified and addressed are:

  • Computer Data not securely backed up.

  • How long would it take you to recover if you lost all of last week's data?

    Would your business survive?

  • Systems exposed to hackers via the Internet
  • Business processes that only one person knows how to follow.
  • Business systems that only one person can use.
  • Efficiency

    In our experience, these are the most frequent efficiency issues we identify and address:

  • The same sort of data being typed in to a computer two or more times.
  • Example: Often a concise list of customer details is referred to type out the name and address in letters and emails.

  • Standard letters and emails being hand shaped every time
  • Standard letters and emails accidentally being overwritten.
  • Process bottlenecks
  • Slowing computer systems
    (Computers do not slow down just through age)
  • Vulnerable Business System
    In our experience, the most common examples of Business processes or systems that only one person knows how to use are those with Excel Spreadsheets.

    Well designed Excel applications and spreadsheets can be fantastic business tools. However, some spreadsheets that evolve are littered with hidden components and formulae that only the builder knows how to manage.

    This can be fine for that user, as long as they are able to always fulfil their job role; No sickness or bus collisions!

    Security for Sole User Business Systems and Processes
    We can offer a service where, once we know your business, we can step in to oversee someone else doing their work. We can even do the work ourselves, if need be.