Here are a few examples of some of our assignments. Where appropriate, customers' data have been obscured to protect their privacy.

Call Centre Streamlining

A growing medium sized company requested that its business processes and systems be reviewed.

By automating some parts of the process, ensuring data was entered just once only on one computer, and by adjusting the business processes, a member of staff was freed to allow them to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Email Management

For a company of around 20 employees we completely manage and host their email requirements.

Day-to-day tasks include the management of:

  • New addresses and accounts
  • Alias email addresses (email forwarding)
  • Incoming email distribution lists
  • Shared email accounts
  • Spam
  • Setting up of accounts on devices
  • Business Process Review

    A small building company requested a review of their processes as they felt they could work smarter, though could not see how.

    The result was a paper detailing a number of options for removing process bottlenecks, cutting down on the number of trips back to the office for Project Managers, and, most importantly, options for removing the dependency on one of the workers.

    If this worker was sick, or worse, the business would not have been able to function after a few days.

    Sales and Material Manager (SAMM)

    SAMM has become the heart of our customer's company.

    The initial brief was to produce a system to collate existing Sales spreadsheets. After the initial deployment repeated request for additional functionality were received, turning SAMM into the company administrative system.

    Customer Service Centre

    We have installed and configured a Customer Service Centre similar to Support Centre that our customers will be familiar with.

    Infrastructure/Security Review

    Following a brief system audit, we installed a enterprise strength firewall between the customer's internal network and the Internet. Additionally we installed a resilient network file server to store all of the company's data.

    A proper firewall not only gave the company a very high level of security at the gate of their network, but also:

  • Removed the need for firewalls on every computer, making the computers and network run smoother and faster
  • Removed the possibility of users overriding the firewall on their PCs
  • Providing the files server:

  • Freed up a PC (which cost much more)
  • Was resilient to hard drive failure as data was matched across two drives; i.e., two drives would need to fail at the same time to cause a failure
  • Cashflow Manager

    A small company with quite a large turnover had difficulty managing their cash flow. Outgoings were fairly consistent, income was mainly erratic large chunks of money, though with a good idea a few weeks ahead of time when it was to arrive.

    We delivered a simple spreadsheet solution which, once listed their regular outgoings, just needed the predicted income payments and “today's balance” to forecast the following two months’ daily balance.

    The solution required very little user input, was simple, and utilised Excel which was already installed

    Time and Attendance Excel Reports

    A specialist biometric reader installation company required a system that could produce and manipulate Time and Attendance (T&A) reports for shift patterns too complex for the packaged T&A software produced by the manufacturer.

    Rentals Manager

    A small equipment rental company needed a systems to create, distribute and track its invoices to is customers.

    It can be observed that when a technological solution was required, most of the solutions utilised everyday tools already installed on our customers' computers.

    Where appropriate, commercial strength , actively maintained, free applications were sourced to meet our customers' requirements, such as with our Service Centre which has also been installed on a customer's site.

    Always where possible, we avoid expensive ongoing financial commitments for our customers, as with the enterprise strength firewall solution we often recommend; it has no monthly service fee.